grand central bar calas de mallorca, majorca

grand central bar calas de mallorca The head "Honcho" JESÚS (pronounced Hay-zuice) ... he came to Calas de Mallorca as a child when his parents moved to Mallorca from mainland Spain. Since he left school, he has always worked in, or owned bars in Calas. After many years of running the successful Central Bar and Little India restaurant, he took over what was Burger King in 2014, and merged the Indian restaurant into the new bar - Grand Central -to create one of the most and modern looking bars/restaurants in town.
grand central bar calas de mallorca The REAL boss - VANESSA, Jesús's "better half". She works in the morning and is also the one who keeps the bar spotlessly clean. A working mum she has three boys, Ruben, Isaac and the youngest, Dylan, who has already got designs on taking over the bar in the not-too-distant future!
grand central bar calas de mallorca ALEJANDRO, the younger brother of Jesús, started working at Central Bar when still at school and it took a while to learn how to pull a pint of John Smiths!! But now, he is a fully trained "Mixologist" and as such, is probably the best cocktail waiter in town.
grand central bar calas de mallorca Your waiter MATTIA, also known as "SUPER MARIO". He hails from Turin, the home of Juventus Football Club and the car manufacturers Fiat, Lancia and Alfra Romeo. Mattia's first season with us was in 2017, having spent the previous winter working at a restaurant in Liverpool - home of the world's greatest football club - Everton!!!
Grand Central Bar Staff calas de mallorca majorca Your chef MINTU. Hailing from India, he brings his own unique style of Indian cooking to Grand Central, and 2018 wll be his third season with us. In the Winter of 2016-17, he learned the art of Mexican cuisin, and introduced this to Grand Central in 2017, as we not only became the first Indian Restaurant in Calas de Mallorca, but also the first Mexican.
grand central bar calas de mallorca The friendly face you see behind the bar is your barman Francie. He joined the team in 2015 and is an uncle of Jesús. He lives on mainland Spain but makes the trip to Mallorca every Summer to serve your drinks at Grand Centra,l before returning home to his family for the Winter months.
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